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This special course is inspired by our mission and guided by Spirit as a thank you for being part of our Instagram and podcast community.

This course is meant to support you on your journey to transformation.

In this first course experience inspired by spirit, you will be challenged to look at the stories and beliefs from which you create your reality.  

There are no accidents or coincidences. If you are here, then it means you have been asking and Spirit is leading you here so you can find the guidance and answers you've been seeking. 

I know this course will bring you awareness and perspective. And when you are ready for more, join us through our Gold Membership where you can access the extended version of Take Back Your Power and Take Back Your Life with Module 2 and Module 3. As well as an extended workbook.

And from there, you will uncover many more courses all channeled and designed to help you as you transform your life into the one in your daydreams.  

However you choose to engage, we are so glad you are here. And we look forward to your presence, questions, and feedback on our social pages and podcast!

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