Reclaim the light in your life. Harness the sacred energy inside of you to start your healing journey, spark joy, and create the life you have always dreamed of.


All you need is a guide & a little bit of coaching to help you get there! I can teach you to harness these abilities on your own. So you can use them in your everyday life with ease.


Hello, my sweet friend... I'm Misty!

I am a true southern peach at heart, with a little bit of mama bear "sass".  I have a ray of sunshine I carry around with me that I want to share with YOU.

I am just over here living the dream. Helping others with a gift I am fully harnessing. My true purpose is to help people like you do the same, so you can live a life full of purpose and fulfillment in your own sweet way.

I want to share with you some of my gifts. I have¬†clairvoyant gifts, I access my higher-self or soul self who is connected to the ‚Äúoneness‚ÄĚ which allows for clear communication with my client's higher or soul self. In addition to the spiritual gifts I have been nurturing since she was 8 years old,¬†I am also certified as a Master Reiki,¬† Ancient Symbology, and Ho‚ÄôOponopono. I am also trained in meta-cognitive programming including CBT, CBCT, NLP, and Hypnotherapy.

It is no coincidence your journey has brought you here. If you are searching for more from life and believe deeply there is something greater waiting for you,

Then it sounds like you are ready!

I am here for you.

I once knew someone who was seeking more from life.

His name was JD.

More Happiness. More joy. More abundance.



Like so many, JD had accumulated many accomplishments in his life. He had a career that he enjoyed and paid him very well. He had been married, had children, and been divorced. He had experienced having “everything” and he had experienced losing some of those things. And over time, he survived his challenges and celebrated his triumphs. Overall, and based on the Western idea of success as defined by so many, JD should have been completely satisfied with his life. 

But he wasn’t. From the outside looking in, it appeared that he had it all and his life was amazing. But on the inside, JD was empty. His passion for his work was beginning to wane, he longed to do more than his current financial conditions would support, he craved more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with his children, and he desired a life partner to share his passion and dreams with.

So what was stopping him? He had no idea how to create any of those outcomes. He had accomplished all he could using all the tools he had available to him. He knew there was more and that someone out there could show him how to achieve it. 

JD stumbled upon my social media and the content spoke to his heart, to his very soul. Although working with a healer and transformation life coach was completely out of his comfort zone, he believed there was something here for him - why else would my messages resonate so strongly with him? 

This work comes from my heart.

A living breathing design birthed from my story...

I am a fifth-generation healer and gifted clairvoyant who supports and guides individuals in the sacred spiritual journey to remembering who and what we truly are, often referred to as awakening. As an experienced healer and transformation life coach, Misty knows the spiritual, mental, and emotional journey required to become aligned with who and what you truly are. I have taken the journey within, healed my current life and generational trauma, to create the life of my dreams.


I started Lemonade with Love because I know that we all have the power and ability to create the life we have dreamed of as children. All we need is someone to show us the way to access our abilities and harness our power with focused intention allowing us to be, do, and have anything our hearts desire.

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Some Fun things about me...

My love language... The love languages I most easily and naturally provide are “acts of service” and “words of affirmation”. The love languages I require are “quality time” and “touch”.

Go to coffee order... Cinnamon, honey, and vanilla latte with EXTRA WHIP CREAM.

Favorite hobbies... Gardening and anything flowers. Along with cuddling up with a good book.

Favorite travel destination... I love Disney World In Orlando, FL!

Core Values... I believe unconditional Divine Love is the most powerful, creative, energetic force in the universe. It has the power to heal, to unite, and to build anything.

My dream before starting my business... As a little girl, I dreamed of being a wife and mother. I always imagined having enough freedom to fully enjoy those callings as I also served the community as a cheerleader and a healer.

My favorite time of day is sunrise. I love waking to the sound of birds, and taking the first hour of the day to connect with myself through meditation and enjoying a hot cup of coffee before the rest of the house wakes up and my other passions call to me.

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I discuss 3 of the most common challenges you will face as you start your healing and spiritual awakening.

I provide detailed, fundamental lessons that you must learn so you can expedite your progress and begin manifesting your new life now. 

Lesson 1: This journey is yours and yours alone. You can not bring anyone with you no matter how much you want or may think you need too

Lesson 2: Learning to set boundaries will set you free

Lesson 3: Money and You

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